In order to use e-Share you first need to register and choose the subscription that suits you best of all. It is then possible to configure e-Share.


The following link may be used to complete your registration: Register your account.
After registering you will need to pay your subscription. This can be done using a credit card (Visa/MasterCard). Each year this card will be automatically debited with your subscription sum. After settling your payment you will automatically become signed into the e-Share portal, where software may be configured.

Signing in

Once you have registered an account you can sign in using your chosen login and password.
You can sign in by clicking on "My account" at the top of the e-Share web page, or by using the following link: Sign in with your account.

Portal - Dashboard

Once you are signed in, the e-Share portal dashboard will provide you with a summary of your configured software, the number of links that may be synchronised and your recent purchases.

e-Share portal dashboard

Portal - Profile

Your profile can be kept up-to-date by using the portal. This profile will be used for invoicing e-Share automatically. So take care to ensure that the details are correct at all times!

Portal - My details

If you would like a summary of the details that e-Share has synchronised, then this can be requested on the page "My details".

Portal - Software configuration

On this page you can configure the software used with e-Share. Some software has write access rights and other software has read access rights.

e-Share portal software
You can configure the software by clicking the '+' sign on the corresponding module. It will provide you a popup with the software capable with that module.
Adding a software to a certain module will also generate a key. Every software has a dedicated field to enter this key.
Please contact the customer service of the corresponding software for extra info.

e-Share portal software
e-Share portal software

Portaal - Invoicing

e-Share invoices can be downloaded on the invoicing page. This is possible in either a PDF or an EFFF (XML) format.

Partner Help

Should you experience any problems when synchronising information from one package to another then you should start by contacting the supplier with whom you are having the problem. This will generally be the supplier from whom you wish to access (read) the software package. They will then investigate the problem and, if necessary, get in touch with the technical support team at e-Share.

Below you will find a direct link to the technical support team at each supplier: